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PART A – Rules of Participation

1. Interpretation

1.1  Unless the context otherwise requires, the definitions and rules of interpretation in this clause 1 apply in these Regulations:

1.1.1   “5 Minute Timeout” means a five minute grace period as set out in clause 5;

1.1.2  “Accident Log” means the log for all injuries that occur at the Venue in connection with the Competition which shall be kept with the appointed “safety officer” Official;

1.1.3  “ADS” means the drifting competition known as “Adriatic Drift Series” that is operated and managed by Avto Klub Gas Tuning Team, full details of the Competition can be found at;

1.1.4  “Attributes” means: aged eighteen (18) years of age or older; have a legally valid driving licence for their resident country at the time of participating in the Competition; and evidence demonstrating that they have successfully participated in events similar to the Competition; and/or evidence demonstrating that they have significant competition experience in the sport of gymkhana, rally cross and/or drift racing;

1.1.5  “AWD” means all-wheel drive vehicles;

1.1.6  “AWD Competition” means the AWD competition which shall take place at the Competition in which Competitors are required to manoeuvre their AWD through a predetermined track performing many different driving techniques, including drifting, reversals, 180 degree spins, 360 degree spins, parking boxes, figure 8s and other advanced skills and are judged for time/speed and accuracy;

1.1.7  “Breach” has the meaning set out in clause 1;

1.1.8  “Chief Steward” has the meaning set out in clause 4.1;

1.1.9  “Circuits” means the circuits upon which the Competition will be run, as designed and established by Monster Energy in its complete discretion and is made up of two (2) individual circuits (being left and right Circuits) at the Venue and “Circuit” shall be a reference to each of the Circuits;

1.1.10  “Class” means mode of Competition, being either AWD Competition or RWD Competition, as the case may be;

1.1.11  “Competition” means the event known as ‘Gymkhana Grid: The European Gauntlet’ scheduled to take place over three (3) days (being 28 October 2016, 29 October 2016 and 30 October 2016) at the Venue where the AWD Competition and RWD Competition will take place to determine the AWD and RWD winners of the Competition;

1.1.12  “Competition License” means the license provided to each Participant by Monster Energy which is required by a Participant to take part in the Competition. A Competition Licence is only provided to a Participant where they have signed all relevant forms provided by Monster Energy, provided all the required documentation requested by Monster Energy, satisfied the Technical Inspection and these Regulations;

1.1.13  “Competition Terms” means the terms and conditions provided to each Participant which the Participant must sign and adhere to before they may take part in the Competition or receive any Privileges;

1.1.14  “Competitors” means the officially registered competitors selected to take part in the Competition (and “Competitor” shall be construed accordingly);

1.1.15  “Disciplinary Action” shall have the meaning given in clause 10;

1.1.16  “DNF” has the meaning set out in clause 4;

1.1.17  “Exempt Person” means: a) any person who is, or is likely to become, bound by any agreement (written or oral) which may prevent such person from fully participating in the Competition; b) any employee, or immediate family member of any such employee, of Monster Energy or any of their affiliated companies, subcontractors, agents or assigns or anyone else professionally connected with the Competition;

1.1.18  “First Stage” has the meaning set out in clause 1.1;

1.1.19  “First Stage Winners” has the meaning set out in clause 1.1;

1.1.20  “Flag Signals” has the meaning set out in clause 6;

1.1.21  “Golden Card” means the invitation provided by Monster Energy to the official overall first place and second place winners of ADS;

1.1.22  “Golden Card Participant(s)” means the winners and runners up of the ADS AWD competitions and RWD AWD competitions who have accepted the Golden Gard;

1.1.23  “Helmet” means the safety helmet with full face protection, which satisfies one of the following standards:

the Snell Memorial Foundation – SA2005, SA2010;

SFI Foundation – Spec 31.2, Spec 31.2A;

British Helmet Standard – BS 6658:1958; or

ECE 22.05 rev.4 (Europe);

1.1.24  “Intellectual Property Rights” means all patents, rights to inventions, copyright and related rights, trademarks, trade names and domain names, rights in get-up, rights in goodwill or to sue for passing off, rights in designs, rights in computer software, database rights, rights in confidential information (including know-how and trade secrets) and any other intellectual property rights, in each case whether registered or unregistered and including all applications (or rights to apply) for, and renewals or extensions of, such rights and all similar or equivalent rights or forms of protection which may now or in the future subsist in any part of the world;

1.1.25  “Knock Out Format” has the meaning set out in Schedule C;

1.1.26  “Leader Position” has the meaning set out in clause 1.1;

1.1.27  “Licence File” means the file held by Monster Energy on each Participant. The Licence File shall contain all information on the Participant which has been provided by the Participant and/or has been obtained during the Competition for the purpose of the Competition (i.e. video footage, information regarding performance, behaviour, injuries, Disciplinary Action, Time Score etc.);

1.1.28  “Marshals” shall have the meaning as set out in clause 4.4 and a reference to a (“Marshal” shall be construed accordingly);

1.1.29  “Monster Energy” means Monster Energy Europe Limited being a company registered in England and Wales with company registration number 6394100 and whose registered office is at Unit 51 Metropolitan Park, Bristol Road, Greenford, Middlesex UB6 8UP United Kingdom;

1.1.30  “Monster Energy Brand” means the brand known as “Monster Energy®” owned and operated by Monster Energy Company, a Delaware corporation;

1.1.31  “Official(s)” mean the officials selected by Monster Energy being the President, Chief Steward, Technical Steward, Starter, Timing Steward, Registrar, Chief Operating Director and Marshals, as set out in clause 5. Each Official may delegate their duties to another Monster Energy representative where it is deemed necessary to do so in the spirit of the Competition;

1.1.32  “Participant” means the Competitors and the Reserves (and “Participant” shall be construed accordingly);

1.1.33  “Participant Photo I.D.” means the photo identification of each Participant which is provided by Monster Energy to each Participant at the beginning of the Competition;

1.1.34  “Personal Data” has the meaning given in the Data Protection Act 1998;

1.1.35  “Pit Area” means the area designated at each Circuit at the Venue for the Participants to carry out minor work on the Vehicle;

1.1.36  “Privileges” means the privileges awarded by Monster Energy to the Participants during the Competition so that they may participate in the Competition;

1.1.37  “President” has the meaning set out in clause 2;

1.1.38  “Qualifiers” means the rear wheel drive and all-wheel drive series of race competitions known as ‘Gymkhana GRiD Qualifying’ managed by Fueltopia Limited with company number 08396638 of 31 Dashwood Avenue, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP12 3DZ in which competitors are required to manoeuvre their vehicle through a specifically designed course performing many different driving techniques including drifting, reversals, 180 degree spins, 360 degree spins, parking boxes, figure 8’s and other advanced driving skills and are judged for the time/speed and accuracy where the winners of each competition shall have the opportunity to take place in the Competition.  Full details of the competition can be found at;

1.1.39  “Qualifiers Participant(s)” means one (1) winner of the Qualifiers AWD competition and three (3) winners of the Qualifiers RWD competition, as notified to Monster Energy by Fueltopia Limited;

1.1.40  “Registration Process” means the process outlined in clause 3;

1.1.41  “Release Form” means the form prepared by Monster Energy, a copy of which must be signed by each Participant before entry into the Competition;

1.1.42  “Relevant Gymkhana Hero” means a Monster Energy appointed professional motor sport athlete for each of AWD Competition and RWD Competition;

1.1.43  “Relevant Law” means all legislation, codes of practice, standards, guidelines and regulations (in each case having the force of law) applicable to the subject matter in question;

1.1.44  “Reserve(s)” means up to five (5) RWD and five (5) AWD participants selected by Monster Energy and who shall attend the Competition and participate in the Competition as directed by Monster Energy, in its sole discretion;

1.1.45  “RWD” means rear wheel drive vehicles;

1.1.46  “RWD Competition” means a RWD competition in which Competitors are required to manoeuvre their RWD through a predetermined track performing many different driving techniques (including drifting, reversals, 180 degree spins, 360 degree spins, parking boxes, figure 8s and other advanced skills) and in which the performance of each Competitor is judged for time/speed and accuracy;

1.1.47  “Safety Specifications” means the equipment worn by a Competitor at all times whilst driving the Vehicle within the Circuits and/or pit lane as set out in these Regulations and/or as notified to the Participants by Monster Energy from time to time;

1.1.48  “Scoring Format” means the format used by the Chief of Scoring to provide each Competitor with a score on completion of each race within the Competition as set out in clause 4;

1.1.49  “Second Stage” has the meaning in clause 1.2;

1.1.50  “Seeding Session” has the meaning in clause 1;

1.1.51  “Special Invite Participants” means the AWD and RWD professional motorsport athletes and/or Monster Energy sponsored athletes that have been invited by Monster Energy (at its complete discretion) to participate in the Competition which will include the Relevant Gymkhana Hero and may include the winners of the event known as 2015 Gymkhana GRiD: The European Gauntlet;

1.1.52  “Special Invite RWD Participants” means the professional motorsport athletes and/or Monster Energy sponsored athletes that have been invited by Monster Energy (at its complete discretion) to participate in the Competition;

1.1.53  “Supplementary Regulations” means any regulations and/or information regarding the Competition which are created in addition to these Regulations in order to add, supplement or amend these Regulations;

1.1.54  “Technical Inspection” means the inspections carried out by the Technical Steward as set out in clause 13;

1.1.55  “Technical Steward” means the person appointed by Monster Energy to carry out the Technical Inspection as set out in clause 4.3;

1.1.56  “Technical Support” has the meaning given in clause 3;

1.1.57  “Tech Sticker” means the sticker that shows the Vehicle number allocated to each Vehicle by Monster Energy for the Competition;

1.1.58  “Time Score” has the meaning in clause 1.1;

1.1.59  “Vehicle” means the RWD or AWD (as the case may be) entered by the Participant to compete in the Competition and which satisfies the Technical Inspection and as determined by (or on behalf of) Monster Energy in its complete discretion;

1.1.60  “Vehicle Specifications” means the specifications that must be satisfied by all Vehicles as set out in clause 15;

1.1.61 “Venue” means the event venue at Marathon, Athens, Greece where the Competition shall take place as notified to the Participants by Monster Energy;

1.1.62  “Website” means Monster Energy’s website for the Competition currently available at:; and

1.1.63  “Winner” has the meaning set out in clause 1.2.

1.2.  Unless the context otherwise requires, words denoting the singular shall include the plural and vice versa, words denoting any one gender shall include all genders and words denoting persons shall include bodies corporate, unincorporated associations and partnerships.

1.3.  References to any statute shall include such statute as it may after the date of these Regulations from time to time be amended, supplemented or re-enacted under the laws of England and Wales.

1.4.  References in these Regulations to any “Schedules” are to the schedules to these Regulations.

1.5. Any reference to a “clause” shall be deemed to be a reference to a clause of these Terms.

1.6.  The headings in these Regulations are inserted for convenience only and shall not affect its construction.

1.7.  The words “include(s)” or “including” are not to be treated as a word of limitation.

2. General Terms for Entry and Registration

2.1  The Competition is being operated and managed by Monster Energy.

2.2  The Competition is only open to Qualifiers Participants, Golden Card Participants and Special Invite Participants who successfully complete the Registration Process.

2.3 To take part in the Competition, each Qualifiers Participant, Golden Card Participant and Special Invite Participant must first successfully satisfy the following eligibility criteria and complete the registration process (“Registration Process”):

2.3.1  sign a Release Form together with a copy of these Competitor Terms to confirm understanding, compliance with and acceptance of the Competitor Terms, Release Form and the Regulations;

2.3.2  be able to confirm that he/she is able to obtain a travel visa (if required), is fit and ready to travel to Athens, Greece and knows of no reason (including visa restrictions or health reasons) why he /she would not be able to travel to Athens, Greece for participation in the Competition;

2.3.3  confirm that he/she is available to participate in the Competition throughout the duration of the Competition at the Venue;

2.3.4  have successfully qualified as a Qualifiers Participant, Golden Card Participant and Special Invite Participant; and

2.3.5  prove that he/she has the Attributes required for entry into the Competition, including, proof of age, residence, identity (which may include a copy of residence, driving license, passport and/or similar government issues identification), that they are not an Exempt Person and have an ability to speak and understand the English language at a communicative level.

2.4  As part of the Registration Process, Monster Energy may require a Qualifiers Participant, Golden Card Participant and/or Special Invite Participant to make full disclosure of any contractual arrangement relating to such Qualifiers Participant, Golden Card Participant and/or Special Invite Participant’s talents (for example, disclosure of any sponsorship, management, agent representation, merchandising and publishing arrangement) which the Qualifiers Participant, Golden Card Participant and Special Invite Participant is bound by or which may be effective prior to 31 December 2016. Monster Energy shall determine (at its complete discretion) whether the existence of any such arrangement will preclude a Participant’s participation in the Competition.

2.5  In the event that a Qualifiers Participant, Golden Card Participant or a Special Invite Participant fails to complete or elects not to sign the Competitor Terms and/or the Release Form by the start of the Competition then that Qualifiers Participant, Golden Card Participant or Special Invite Participant may be prevented entry into the Competition. Once each Qualifiers Participant, Golden Card Participant and Special Invite Participant has carried out the obligations in this clause 2, Monster Energy shall declare that Qualifiers Participant, Golden Card Participant and Special Invite Participant as a Competitor.

2.6  Monster Energy reserves the right, at any time, to verify the validity of any part of each Participant’s registration and to disqualify any Participant who Monster Energy believes to have acted in breach of these Competitor Terms, the Regulations or to have tampered with any part of the Competition.

2.7  Once the Participant has registered for the Competition, they are committing to participating in the Competition.

2.8  For the avoidance of doubt, all costs associated with the Competition, including tax, vehicle insurance, obtaining and maintaining a valid driving licence, the Vehicle, attending any of the Competition, travel, sustenance, accommodation and any legal requirement for competing within the Competition will be borne solely by the Participant. It is the responsibility of the Participant to be available and to make arrangements to attend and compete within the Event and to provide all required documentation to Monster Energy.


3. Competition Format

3.1  The format of the Competition shall be as follows:

3.1.1 First Stage. The first stage of the Competition (“First Stage”) shall consist of all the  Competitors each completing two (2) seeding sessions (one (1) on the left Circuit and one (1) on the right Circuit) (“Seeding Sessions”).  Each Competitor who successfully completes the Seeding Sessions shall be judged in accordance with the Scoring Format to obtain an overall time (“Time Score”).  The Time Scores for all Competitors who successfully complete the Seeding Sessions shall be placed on a leader board in order of time (“Leader Position”) with the lowest time ranked as number one (1).  The first sixteen (16) Leader Positions (1st to 16th) in each Class shall progress to the Second Stage (“First Stage Winners”).

3.1.2  Second Stage. The First Stage Winners shall then compete in elimination rounds (“Second Stage”).  Competitors shall be paired in accordance with the Knock Out Format.  Each pair of Competitors shall then compete in a head to head race on each of the Circuits.  Each Competitor who successfully completes both Circuits shall be judged in accordance with the Scoring Format to obtain a Time Score to provide them a Leader Position.  The Competitor with the highest Time Score shall then be eliminated from the Competition.  The process shall be repeated until only one (1) Competitor is left on the Leader Board in each Class and that Competitor shall be named the official winner of the Competition (each a “Winner”).

3.1.3  Podium. At the end of the Competition:  the Winner from each Class shall be awarded first place on the podium and shall each be awarded the following:  a first place trophy;  five thousand Euros (€5,000.00); and  shall have the opportunity to compete directly against the Relevant Gymkhana Hero with each being judged on the time in which they complete the Circuit, the accuracy with which they complete the Circuit and the driving skill exhibited.  the second position on the podium shall be awarded to the second fastest Competitor on the Leader Board who shall receive a second place trophy;  the third position on the podium shall be awarded to the third fastest Competitor on the Leader Board who shall receive a third place trophy.

The trophies shall be provided by Monster Energy and shall be of the quality and style as deemed appropriate by Monster Energy, in its complete discretion.

3.2  For the avoidance of doubt, Monster Energy shall have the right to reduce the length of the Competition and the number of Circuits due to weather and Circuit conditions.

3.3  The Score Time or a DNF cannot be appealed.

3.4  Monster Energy reserves the right to:

3.4.1  Change the format of the Competition or the Competition process and/or cancel, delay or postpone the Competition, in whole or in part due to reasons beyond its reasonable control, without liability to the Participants;

3.4.2  Refuse entry to the Competition, or future events organised by Monster Energy, to any Participant who:  Monster Energy reasonably believes has not complied with these Regulations or the Competitor Terms;  Is ineligible to participate in the Competition (or to whom participation in the Event should have been refused); and/or  Monster Energy reasonably believes has fraudulently completed any part of the Registration Form.

3.5  Monster Energy has no liability for any costs or expenses that may be incurred by a Participant as a result of the occurrence of any of the events in clause 3.

4. Scoring Format

Score Calculation

4.1  The Competitors’ scores are based on the time in which they complete the Circuits, the accuracy with which they complete the Circuits and the driving skill exhibited (“Scoring Format”). Otherwise than where a Competitor has been allocated DNF, each Competitor’s score shall be calculated using the following formula:

A = B + (C*D)


A means Competitor’s score;

B means Real Time;

C means Time Penalty

D means the number of Time Penalties issued against a Competitor.

Tie Break: If a tiebreaker occurs (Driver “A” wins + Driver “B” wins = “Tie Breaker”), scoring will be as follows: Driver “A” and Driver “B” shall enter a head to head battle and the winning time shall be used to determine the winner.

Real Time 

4.2  the overall time that it takes for a Competitor to complete the Circuits shall be recorded in real time (“Real Time”).

Time Penalty

4.3  a time penalty shall be issued against a Competitor by the Chief of Scoring for the following (“Time Penalty”): 

4.3.1  Improper or Partial Negotiation of Obstacles. Collision with an obstacle or cone on the Circuits will result in a two (2) second time penalty;

4.3.2  Failure to Drift. Competitors must successfully drift the designated Circuits where indicated with specific markings on the Circuits (“Initiation Lines”).  Marshals will determine drifting as an “oversteer” condition when the slip angle of the rear wheels exceeds that of the front wheels. The “angle” or amount of the “drift” will not be taken into consideration.  Every Vehicle must be “off-axis” when crossing the initiation line. Competitors who do not successfully accomplish a “drift” in either Initiation Lines will receive a two (2) second time penalty per zone of the Circuits.


4.4  A ‘did not finish’ position (“DNF”) shall be allocated to a Competitor who performs any of the following during a race as determined by the Chief of Scoring in its sole and absolute discretion:

4.4.1  Off Circuit. If at any time all four (4) tyres are off the Circuit during a run; 

4.4.2  Lost on Circuit. If at any time a Competitor gets lost on the Circuit;

4.4.3  Failure to Negotiate Obstacles. Competitors who fail to enter obstacles on the Circuit;

4.4.4  Failure to Start. See clause 5;

4.4.5  Wrong direction. Competitors who manoeuvre their Vehicle in the wrong direction on the Circuit;

4.4.6  Spin-out / Stop. Competitors who spins out or experiences a complete stop on the Circuit where a stop is not part of the Circuit format; and

4.4.7  Flagrant Disrespectful Behaviour at the Venue. Any Competitor that displays flagrant “hoonage” or rampant disrespect for the Circuit).

4.5  Any Competitor that completes the Circuit without being allocated a DNF shall receive a better Time Score than any Competitor that is allocated a DNF.

4.6  Where two (2) competing Competitors each incur a DNF, then their Time Score shall be calculated on the basis that no DNF had been allocated to either Competitor. Thereafter, the Competitors Time Scores shall be ranked according to their numerical value, with a lower numerical value being better than a higher numerical value.

PART B – General Competition Procedure

5. Competition Procedure.

5.1  Updates. All information regarding the Competition shall be posted on the Website and all Participants’ must make frequent checks of the Website to ensure that they understand and abide in full with these Regulations, the Competitor Terms and any other rules or regulations set by Monster Energy in relation to the Competition (and/or any part thereof).

5.2  Briefings shall be arranged by the Chief Steward for all Participants and Technical Support prior to the First Stage.  All Participants and Technical Support must attend these briefings and pay close attention at all times to the information being provided to them.  Failure to attend these briefings or paying close attention during the briefings may result in that Participant or Technical Support receiving Disciplinary Action which may include, being removed from the Venue and/ or disqualified from the Competition.

5.3  All Competitors shall be provided the opportunity to practice on the Circuits during Friday 28 October 2016 at such times to be prior determined by Monster Energy in its sole discretion. Practice shall be conducted with no more than one (1) Vehicle on each of the two (2) Circuits at any one (1) time.

5.4  A Reserve will not compete in the Competition unless a Competitor cannot race for any reason (including disqualification or if their Vehicle is incapable of competing). Reserves that do not compete within the Competition shall be entitled to attend the Competition free of charge and shall be expected to be prepared to compete within the Competition, but shall not gain the opportunity to compete within the Competition unless requested by Monster Energy. In the event that a Reserve is required by Monster Energy, at its complete discretion, to participate in the Competition, then such Reserve participation shall be subject to the Reserve complying with these Regulations and the Competitor Terms as if such Reserve were a Competitor.

5.5  Each Competitor shall be provided with a race schedule and receive a five (5) minute warning prior to each race (“Announcement”).   Following the Announcement, the relevant Competitors shall be required to line up in the pre-grid area located within the immediate vicinity of the start line on the Circuits (indicated on the Circuit map).  Competitors who fail to line up at the pre-grid area within five (5) minutes after their Announcement will be subject to disqualification from that race and a ‘DNF will be recorded in place of a time. Under the control of the Starter, the appropriate Competitors shall be guided from the pre-grid area and directed to the start line.  The Competitors shall then commence racing in line with the Flag Signals

5.6  5 Minute Time Out. A 5 Minute Timeout may be allocated by the Chief Steward to a Competitor for the purpose of making any necessary repairs to their Vehicle. Either the Technical Support or Competitor may request the Chief Official to permit a 5 Minute Timeout.  Competitors shall not be granted a 5 Minute Timeout if the Chief Steward believes it to be unwarranted or for strategic purposes.  Competitors who fail to make the necessary repairs to their Vehicle in the allotted 5 Minute Timeout will be disqualified from the Competition and the winning position for that race shall be forfeit to the opposing Competitor.  Competitors may only use one (1) 5 Minute Timeout throughout the duration of the Competition.

5.7  Where contact is made and damage occurs to any Vehicle involved in a collision, the Chief Steward will ascertain who is at fault. If damage occurs due to contact of two (2) Vehicles, both Competitors have a right to enact a 5 Minute Timeout.  It is expected that in most cases the damaged Vehicles can be repaired in this time frame.  In some cases, damage sustained to the Vehicles may require more time to repair.  At this point ONLY the Vehicle not at fault may ask for additional time. (NOTE: This does not pre-empt the ability to call a 5 Minute Timeout for other purposes).  In the spirit of the Competition, the Chief Steward reserves the right to continue that particular round.  The Chief Steward will reassess the Vehicle between subsequent races or at the end of that round.  If a Competitor’s Vehicle is irreparable and that the Competitor is not at fault during the incident, the Chief Steward may declare the Competitor the winner of the race.

5.8  No Vehicle may be serviced during a race within the Competition. A service shall include any of the following: tyre changes, tyre pressure adjustments, suspension adjustments, fuelling or any similar level of servicing of a Vehicle.

6. Flag Signals

61.  The following signals are used to signal to Competitors instructions to Competitors during the Competition (“Flag Signals”). The flags shall be made of cloth, coded rigid board or of lights.  Where lights are used a steady light shall constitute at stationary flag and a flashing light shall constitute a waved flag:

6.1.1  Green means the course is clear and the race is under way. When displayed by the start line Green shall signal the beginning or resumption of a session. Alternatively, the starter may display the national flag of the host Venue;

6.1.2  Yellow means the Competitor must drive with great caution; there has been an incident in the area covered by the flag. The Circuit may be partly or wholly blocked.  The Competitor must reduce speed and be prepared to change direction or stop or proceed past incident in single file;

6.1.3  Red means the session has been stopped. The Competitor must use caution and stop immediately.  Be prepared to proceed to pit lane if so directed;

6.1.4  Black signifies the Competitor must return to the start line immediately and report to an Official. It does not mean automatic disqualification. At the discretion of the Race Director, if the Competitor does not obey the black flag directive, the Competitor may then be given the black flag with a white cross to inform the driver that any additional scoring of his/her Vehicle will be discontinued until further notice.  Failure to heed the black flag could result in exclusion from the Competition; and

6.1.5  Black and white checker indicates the completion of the practice session, qualifying session, or race (as the case may be).

7. President and Officials

7.1  The Venue will be staffed with individuals, agents, or affiliates assigned by Monster Energy to operate the Competition, or their substitutes as approved by Monster Energy (“Officials”). Their duties shall be to direct the control of the Competition and unless otherwise determined by Monster Energy in its complete discretion, the officials shall include the following roles:

7.1.1  President– James Gilbert

7.1.2  Chief Steward – Andy Bevan

7.1.3  Timing Steward – John Close

7.1.4  Technical Steward – TBC

7.1.5  Registrar – Steph Seaton

7.1.6  Starter – Alvin Harris

7.1.7  Chief Operating Director – Libby Hoare

Such Officials may include assistance to whom any of the duties set out in these Regulations may be delegated. The Officials will be available in their roles throughout the Competition and until all the official actions are complete, except as excused by the President.

7.2  The President shall be responsible for the overall governance of the Competition, including these Regulations and Supplementary Regulations throughout the Competition. Where there is any dispute as to the interpretation or implementation of these Regulations or any Supplementary Regulations the decision of the President shall be final.  No correspondence shall be entered into.

7.3  Each Competition will be staffed by Officials. Each Official shall endeavour to conduct him or herself according to the highest standards of behaviour.  Officials whose actions are deemed by the President to be against the best interests of the Competition shall not be permitted to participate as an Official within Competition.

7.4  The roles and duties of the Officials are as follows:

7.4.1 Chief Steward. The Chief Steward shall be the executive responsible for the general conduct of all aspects of competition and operations the Competition including management of Venue, Competitors whilst on the Circuit, all scores provided by the Chief of Scoring and all the Official’s duties.  The Chief Steward reports directly to the President.  All other Officials report directly to the Chief Steward;

7.4.2  Timing Steward. The Timing Steward is exclusively and solely responsible to determine the Score for the races within the Competition. The Timing Steward shall furnish and distribute results for each race of the Competition, as well as any special requests (i.e. timed practice sessions, etc.).   The Timing Steward or other entities as assigned by Monster Energy will maintain records of official times, qualifying records, charts, scores, and results for the Competition.   The Timing Steward or other entities as assigned by Monster Energy will also compile and distribute official results (after notification that all protests are completed and that the Chief Steward has declared the results “official”) for all qualification periods and races.

7.4.3  Technical Steward. The Technical Steward has the authority to determine and enforce all matters relating to the Technical Inspection.   The Technical Steward’s decision is final and no Participant or Technical Support may protest this decision.  The Technical Steward has the authority to amend and/or add to the rules and to make adjustments to any part of the Technical Inspection as set out in these Regulations at any point during the Competition, if deemed necessary.  Participants shall be informed of any changes made to the Technical Inspection as soon as possible through either the written bulletin or at the briefing (whichever is considered the Technical Steward as the quickest form to inform all Participants) and the Website.  The Technical Steward may order the inspection and disassembly of any Vehicle to ascertain its conformance with the Technical Inspection at any time.  Where the Technical Steward believes the Technical Inspection has not been met the Technical Steward shall make a report to the Chief Steward who may take appropriate action as provided for in these Regulations.

7.4.4 Marshals.  There shall be four (4) marshals at each Circuit to ensure that the Competitors complete the Circuit according to these Regulations.  All Marshals shall report any matter directly to the Chief of Scoring.

7.4.5  Registrar. The Registrar shall be responsible for certifying and processing all entries, credentialing all Participants, Technical Support, Officials and anyone who enters the Venue.  The Registrar is the person designated to maintain the official entry, registration lists and processes.  No other person or entity may issue series or event credentials without the consent of the Registrar.

7.4.6  Starter. The Starter shall operate directly under the supervision of the Chief Steward and must be in direct communications with the Chief Steward at all times.  All Competitors shall be abide by the instruction of the Starter from the time the Vehicles are placed in their starting positions ready to start, until the Competition is completed and all Vehicles have left the Circuits.

7.4.7  Chief Operating Director. The Chief Operating Director shall be responsible for management of all non-Competition responsibilities at the Venue.

8. Code and Conduct.

8.1  The following code of conduct shall apply throughout the duration of the Competition including but not limited to all races within the Competition, any meeting or event which is in connection with the Competition.

8.2  Each Participant and Support Technician must:

8.2.1  conduct themselves in a manner that shall not bring the sport, fellow Participants, the Competition and/or, Monster Energy into disrepute. Any potentially defamatory or libellous oral or written statements, videos, or artwork made or distributed in public (including social media) or via the media toward the Competition, Monster Energy, its partners, and fellow entrants shall be subject to review under this clause 8;

8.2.2  maintain a courteous and non-confrontational persona with all Monster Energy representatives, the President and Officials at all times throughout the duration of the Competition;

8.2.3  remain well behaved, not cause any nuisance or annoyance to any other person involved in the Competition and to exercise care as to their own safety and the safety of all others whilst participating in the Competition;

8.2.4  abide by all rules, instructions, the Regulations, these Regulations and any Supplementary Regulations published, displayed or otherwise given from time to time by Monster Energy in relation to the Competition;

8.2.5  compete fairly and respect for all others competing in the Competition;

8.2.6  understand and abide by the Regulations, spirit of the Competition and any Relevant Law;

8.2.7  respect the decisions of Monster Energy, the President and Officials at all times;

8.2.8  ensure that that all required forms by Monster Energy are filled in correctly and returned to Monster Energy within the required timeframe;

8.2.9  ensure that they act in a safe manner at all times throughout the Competition and must inform a Monster Energy representative, Official and /or the President of any safety issues;

8.2.10  log all injuries within the Accident Log as soon as it is reasonable to do so after the injury has occurred; and

8.2.11  attend all safety and/or briefings related to the Competition;

8.3  Where a Participant or Technical Support believes that the health or safety of the Competitor or any other person at the Venue is endangered by continuing within the Competition then that Participant or Technical Support must notify a Monster Energy representative, Official and /or the President as soon as it is possible and the Competitor must not continue to compete within the Competition until it is safe and/or approved as safe by the Official and /or the President.

8.4  Each Participant is responsible for his/her Technical Support. Any failure by Technical Support to abide by these Regulations may result in Disciplinary Action for the both the relevant Participant and/ or Technical Support.

8.5  The use of any alcohol, narcotic, controlled substance, performance-enhancement drugs, and/or recreational drugs, as defined by Relevant Law, by any Participant or Technical Support, is expressly prohibited, even if prescribed by a licensed physician. Monster Energy reserves the right, at any time, to require any participant to successfully complete, at the Participant’s sole expense, such tests as may be designated by Monster Energy, including, but not limited to, breath, blood, or urine.  A Monster Energy representative, Chief Steward and/ or President may perform such tests.  Refusal to submit to, and/or failure by participant of such testing shall be a breach of these Regulations and that Participant shall be subject to Disciplinary Action.

8.6  Not to bring to any part of the Venue / Competition or use any drugs, alcohol, illegal substances, performance enhancing substances or intoxicants of any kind whilst participating in any part of the Competition and not to say or do anything during the Competition which brings Monster Energy or the Competition into disrepute or ridicule;

8.7  Not to use or reproduce in any form the logos, trade marks, or copyrighted material of Monster Energy or any of its affiliates, whether in conjunction with participation in the Competition or otherwise.

8.8  Participants and Technical Support shall not have any right to initiate or maintain any litigation against Monster Energy, the President, any Chief Steward or any other member of the team operating and/ or managing the Competition. No Participants and Technical Support shall have a right to appeal any decision made by the President.  No compensation shall be offered to any Participants or Technical Support for any reason including but not limited to any Disciplinary Action, any Participant who cannot compete for any reason, any damage to the Vehicle and / or any injury caused to any Participant.

8.9  Failure to obey Officials. Failure to follow the instructions of Circuit officials, Monster Energy or medical staff may result in a discretionary penalty up to disqualification from the Competition.

PART C – Disciplinary

9. Enforcement of Regulations

9.1  Monster Energy reserves the right, at any time, to verify the validity of any part of the Participant’s registration and to disqualify any Participant who Monster Energy believes to have acted in breach of the Competitor Terms, these Regulations or to have tampered with the Competition.

9.2  All decisions and governance of these Regulations shall be ultimately governed by the President and each Competition shall have its own Officials who will enforce these Regulations at each Competition in advance of such Competition.

9.3  Where there is a dispute regarding any of these Regulations or any part of the Competition the decision of the President shall be final.

9. 4  During the Competition the Participants and/or Technical Support shall abide by these Regulations and the Competitor Terms at all times. Should the Participant be found by Monster Energy to have breached any of the Regulations then that Participant may be subject to Disciplinary Action.

9.5  Where the Participant and/or Technical Support has shown wilful neglect or negligence of any of these Regulations they may be immediately disqualified from the Competition and removed from the Venue by Monster Energy.

9.6  All information regarding the Competition shall be posted on the Website and all Participants’ must make frequent checks of the Website to ensure that they understand and abide in full with these Regulations, the Competition Terms, any Supplementary Regulations and any other rules or regulations set by Monster Energy in relation to the Competition (and/or any part thereof).

9.7  Each Participant will be prior sent emails providing information relating to the Competition.

9.8  In the event that a Competitor is unavailable for the Competition or Monster Energy cannot contact such Competitor for any reason whatsoever by the Registration Date, such Competitor may be removed from the Competition by Monster Energy and Monster Energy shall, at its sole discretion, be entitled to select such Reserve to replace the Competitor.

9.9  Monster Energy may deny entry to any Participant whose conduct, associations, or affiliations, on or off, the Circuit, are deemed not conducive to the best interest of the Competition, or who exhibits conduct, which is inappropriate, offensive, abrasive, or in bad taste as reasonably determined by a Monster Energy representative, Officials and/ or President.

9.10  Monster Energy has the right to refuse entry of any Participant at its discretion without giving a statement or reason for refusal.

10. Disciplinary Action

10.1  Breach of rules. A breach shall occur where it is reasonably determined by the Chief Steward and/or President that any Participant has breached the rules in these Regulations and/ or any of the following (“Breach”):

10.1.1  bribery, or attempt, to bribe anyone connected with the Competition, and the acceptance of, or offer to accept, a bribe;

10.1.2  any action having as its objective participation in the Competition by a Participant or Vehicle, known to be ineligible;

10.1.3  participation in any proceeding, or action, prejudicial to the interests of the Competition;

10.1.4  reckless, or dangerous driving anywhere within any Venue. Competitors must keep a controlled racing line on the Circuit;

10.1.5  failure to obey direction, or an order by an Official, Monster Energy representative and/or the President;

10.1.6  refusing to cooperate with, interfering with, or obstructing the Competition or instruction of the a Monster Energy representative, Official and/or President, or others in the performance of their duties;

10.1.7  violation of the terms of the probation;

10.1.8  public criticism of any part of the Competition, Venue, any Monster Energy representative, Official and/ or President;

10.1.9  unsportsmanlike conduct;

10.1.10  physical contact with intention to harm any participant, or official, or the threat of same;

10.1.11  inappropriate, objectionable, threatening, or profane language, and/or gestures;

10.1.12  failure to allow inspection, or disassembly, of a Vehicle as directed by the Chief Steward and/ or Technical Steward; or

10.1.13  in cases of extreme misconduct, a Monster Energy, an Official, and/ or the President reserves the right to take any other action deemed necessary;

10.2  Penalties. Penalties may be given where there is a violation these Regulations, any Supplementary Regulations, and any conditions related to the Venue and / or Competition.  The authority to assess penalties is not limited to violations occurring during the course of the Competition.  Before imposing any penalty, a Monster Energy, Official and/ or the President, shall investigate any alleged violations and collect, or hear, such evidence as deemed necessary at his discretion.  The Penalties which may be granted are as follows:

10.2.1  Reprimand. A reprimand against any Participant shall be noted in his License File;

10.2.2  Lifetime Ban. A lifetime ban may be imposed by the President against any Participant for conduct detrimental to Monster Energy, the Competition and/ or Venue;

10.2.3  Expulsion. Only the President may impose expulsion from Competition;

10.2.4  Suspension of Privileges. Where any Competitor is under suspicion of being in Breach that Competitor shall have their Privileges automatically suspended.  Where there is a potential ban then the Competitor must immediately surrender their Competition License(s) to the Chief Steward.  The Chief Steward may impose suspension of Privileges for a maximum of twelve (12) months.  Any delay in surrendering in a Competition License as directed by the Chief Steward shall automatically result in the extension of the suspension by a period equal to the delay.  When a penalty of suspension is levied, the penalised Competitor must immediately surrender their Competition License(s) to the Chief Steward, as directed;

10.2.5  Disqualified. Any Participant who is disqualified shall automatically forfeit all rights to awards and/or Privileges in that Competition;

10.2.6  Probation. Where there is probation of Privileges the terms of the probation shall be in writing and signed by the Chief Steward.  A copy shall be given to the relevant Participant, and Monster Energy shall retain a copy.  The notice and terms of probation shall be sent within seven (7) days after probation has been imposed.  Upon the termination of probation, the Chief Steward shall send a copy of the termination of probation.  Probation will be recorded in the Licence File;

10.2.7  Range Of Penalties. The Chief Steward has the right to impose any penalty, combination of penalties or action he/she deems appropriate;

10.2.8  Amendment of placing awards. Where a penalty of disqualification is imposed, the Chief Steward shall declare the resulting amendment of Competitors Scores within the Competition  to the placing and awards, and shall decide if the next Competitor in order shall be advanced and shall see that awards presented are consistent with the revised finishing order; and

10.2.9  Publication of Penalty. Monster Energy shall have the right to publicise the name and reason of the Breach and/or penalty of any Participant and/or Vehicle.  The Participant in Breach shall have no right of action against Monster Energy, or against any person/ entity publishing such notice.


PART D – Circuit and Technical Specification

11. Pit Area and Circuit Regulations.

11.1  All persons within the Venue must be adequately attired in footwear (covering and protecting the whole foot), long length trousers and tee shirts.

11.2  Only persons issued with a valid Participant Photo I.D. shall be able to access to the official Competition pit Area and/ or Circuits. Participant Photo I.D. cards must be kept on the owner of the Participant Photo I.D. and clearly visible at all times whilst in the Venue.

11.3  Smoking and /or animals are not permitted within the officiale Competition paddock area at any time.

11.4  No person other than those issued with a Participant Photo I.D, or Officials may enter the Venue at any time unless approved by the Chief Steward.

11.5  The Chief Steward may remove anyone from the Venue if the Chief Steward believes that person is acting dangerously endangering the health and safety of themselves or others or may cause a hazard.

11.6  Engines shall be started with an on-board starter and an on-board power supply.

11.7  The Competitor shall not push his own Vehicle, except for an extreme safety reason. The Competitor shall obtain assistance whilst on the Circuit except where there is an emergency or it is required by for safety at the request of the Chief Steward.

11.8  Refuelling of Vehicles is prohibited in the pre-grid, grid or start areas, or as otherwise specified. Fuelling is only permitted within the Monster Energy designated fuelling areas as assigned by the Chief Steward.  Extreme caution should be taken when refuelling a Vehicle which has not completely cooled.  When refuelling, there can be only one (1) person within a ten (10) foot radius of the fuelling activity.

11.9  No passengers shall enter the Vehicle at any time whilst the Vehicle is within the Venue. Passenger “ride-a-longs” are NOT permitted unless pre-approved by the Chief Steward. Supplemental documentation (Insurance Waivers, etc.) may be required to be completed at the discretion of the Chief Steward. Passengers must not have areas of excess exposed skin and must wear approved Helmets, long pants, and closed toed shoes.

11.10  Parking. Proper parking is a must to ensure that all entrants will fit into the paddock. Do not park in emergency access lanes. Any vehicles blocking emergency access lanes will be towed immediately.

11.11  Vehicle Service Area. Commonly referred to as the “paddock”, each entrant will be assigned a designated service area. All service and support vehicles must be contained entirely within the designated footprint without exception. Specific venue requirements, may restrict the maximum footprint. Monster Energy will make every reasonable effort to ensure that the working paddock is sufficient to accommodate the desired footprint for all entrants; however, it cannot guarantee that it will always be so.

11.12  Pit Area. The “Pit Area” is defined as the area within the Venue and in close proximity to, but not on, the Circuits.

11.13  Pit Area Access. Other than the qualified Vehicles, team vehicles are NOT permitted to remain in the pit area. This includes any full-sized cars, trucks or transport vehicles. Any full-sized cars, trucks or transport vehicles are permitted to drop off tools and equipment before the event and return to collect items after the conclusion of the event.

11.14  Paddock, Pit Area Speed Limit. The Speed limit in the Paddock and Pit area is 10 KMH at all times for any vehicle other than emergency vehicles

11.15  Pit Area Minimum Age. No one under the age of 18 permitted in the pit area unless pre-approved by the Chief Steward and accompanied by an adult. Anyone under the age of sixteen (16) will not be permitted entry.  Identification may be requested.

11.16  Service Area Spills. Spills of hazardous materials (fuel and oil, etc.), or any substance which presents a hazardous condition, must be immediately reported to Officials.  Ground sheets must be used without exception.

11.17  Waste Fluid Disposal and Waste Removal. Engine and oil filters MUST be disposed of properly. At the conclusion of the Competition do not litter or leave any mess.

11.18  Vehicle Service. Vehicles may only be serviced in the designated service area of the paddock and service may only be performed by a credentialed crew member registered to the specific entry upon which the service is being performed. At no time may anyone other than the accredited crew member for the entry being serviced participate directly or indirectly in the service of the entry.

11.19  The Circuits is of a temporary nature, constructed specifically for the Competition. There will be two (2) mirrored courses laid out next to each other. Officials will ensure to the best of their abilities so far as is reasonable to create courses that are as close to identical as possible. Officials reserve the right to adjust each Circuits as needed over the duration of the event to ensure parity between each side.

11.20  The “Finish Line” is understood to be where timing sensors are located on the Circuit. To complete the Circuits, the Vehicle must trigger a reading from the timing sensors. At the Venue, due to safety, track configuration or other factors beyond the control of Monster Energy, the visual demarcation of the finish line, including, but not limited to, the position of the checkered flag, signage, striping and/or physical structure of any kind denoting the “finish” may not necessarily be one and the same with the timing sensors. All entrants and their drivers will receive at each event, a clear description of the finish line position.

11.21  Each Circuit will be clearly defined. Any attempts to deviate from the Circuit defined for the purpose of “short-cutting” or gaining a competitive advantage, or any driving on the Circuit that is deemed to be unsafe, or creates a hazard or impediment to other drivers, Participants, Circuit workers or Officials shall be penalized by the Chief Steward or a Marshal with a black flag or with time added to a Competitor’s elapsed race time.

11.22  Monster Energy will ensure to the best of its ability so far as is reasonable that Competitors shall compete on a Circuit of comparable condition from one (1) session to another. Due to changing weather conditions, surface degradation, or the occurrence of an incident in competition that creates a hazard or obstacle, it is possible that Competitors will encounter a competitive disadvantage. In such instances, Monster Energy shall manage the Competition accordingly and shall have the right to cancel the Competition should the conditions become dangerous.

11.23  In the event of an accident, or should a Vehicle become disabled for any reason, the Participant or occupants of the disabled Vehicle must, providing that there is no threat of fire or fuel spill, remain inside the Vehicle with their helmet and restraints on until the session is over, or until a Circuit worker or medical staff gives the driver permission to exit the Vehicle.

11.24  In the event of a mechanical failure, the driver of the disabled Vehicle must make every reasonable effort to steer away from the racing line and where possible park in a safe haven.

12. General Participant Information Technical Support

12.1  Series Identification. All required decals, patches, emblems and logos by Monster Energy must be properly displayed.  Monster Energy must approve the use, in any way, of any Monster Energy and/ or Competition identification, mark, logo, likeness or other Intellectual Property rights outside of the Competition.  The unauthorized use of any Monster Energy identification, marks, logos, likenesses, or other Intellectual Property  Rights may be classed as a Breach and be subject to such Disciplinary Action.

12.2  Information: It is the responsibility of the Participant to ensure that any changes made to any information provided to Monster Energy including that supplied in the Registration Form and at the Technical Inspection is provided to Monster Energy as soon as it is reasonably possible to do so once the Participant has been made aware of the change.

12.3  Technical Support: Each Participant shall be entitled to have up to three (3) individuals, over eighteen (18) years of age, accompany them at the Venue (“Technical Support”) subject to the provisions of this clause 3 and to the Technical Support complying in full with the Competition Terms and Regulations as if they were a Competitor (otherwise than in relation to clause 12.3). Prior to any Technical Support being entitled to attend the Venue, such Technical Support must sign a Release Form together with a copy of these Terms to confirm their understanding, compliance with and acceptance of the Release Form, Terms and the Regulations.  The Technical Support is only entitled to access such areas of the Venue as Monster Energy, in its absolute discretion, deems appropriate.

12.4  Equipment: It is the responsibility for the Participant’s to provide all equipment which they believe is required to compete within the Competition. This includes the Vehicle, Safety Specifications, Vehicle Specifications, spare tyres, fuel, tools, fire extinguishers, safety kit etc.   It is also the responsibility to maintain their Vehicle to the standards required for by the Safety Inspection throughout the Competition.

13. Technical Inspection.

13.1  Following the successful completion of the Registration Process, each Participant’s Vehicle shall be required to undergo a Technical Inspection. Should this be successful the Participant will be provided with a Tech Sticker and the Participant will have been successfully entered into the Competition.  The Participant will only receive a Tech Sticker on fulfilment on all the criteria set out in the Registration Process and after the successful completion of a Technical Inspection.

13.2  The Technical Steward may conduct random inspections of any Vehicle at any time throughout the duration of the Competition.

13.3  Only Vehicles with a valid Tech Sticker will be permitted to compete within the Competition. The Tech Sticker will be withheld from any Vehicle that does not comply with the required Technical Inspection.  If the Tech Sticker is withheld, it is the responsibility of the Participant to meet with the Technical Steward to determine what action is required to achieve compliance.

13.4  The Technical Steward shall maintain the Technical Inspection records of each Vehicle. To be eligible for the Competition the Vehicle must have a current and valid Tech Sticker at all times throughout the Competition.  Any Vehicle which is dismantled, or modified, or in any way changed which might affect its safety or call into question its eligibility, or which is involved in an accident with similar consequences after being issued a Tech Sticker must be brought to the attention of the Technician Chief and/ or the Chief Steward by the Participant and/or Technical Support.  The Technical Steward may remove the Tech Sticker of any Vehicle which is damaged due to an accident or other incident.  A new Tech Sticker may be issued after the Vehicle is re-inspected.

13.5  The Technical Inspection shall consist of the Technical Steward inspecting the Participant and their Vehicle to ensure that all the Safety Specifications and Vehicle Specifications are adhered to.

14. Safety Specifications

14.1  Each Participant must wear a Helmet at all times whilst on the Circuit and/ or driving the Vehicle at the Venue. All Helmets must be examined by the Technical Steward before use by the Participant within the Competition and the Participant shall not be permitted use any Helmet which is damaged and/or not within the Regulations.

14.2  Each Participant must ensure to cover all skin (i.e. by wearing adequate shoes, long sleeve tops and trousers) whilst on the Circuit and/ or driving the Vehicle at the Venue and that any protruding head hair or facial hair from the Participant’s Helmet is covered with fire-resistant material (i.e. balaclava, the Helmet skirt and/or face shield). However, Participant’s hands may be uncovered and the use of gloves is discretionary.

14.3  Any prescription eyewear and/ or goggles must meet the safety standards for Europe.

15. Vehicle Specifications.

15.1  Monster Energy reserves the right to bar from entry any graphical treatment, sponsor marking, sponsor logo and/or any other element of a team livery displayed on the race car, within the service area or on team and driver apparel that it deems to be lewd, offensive or inappropriate in any way

15.2  Each Vehicle must have been produced or manufactured in North or South America, Japan and the European Union and must have a valid manufacturer vehicle identification number (VIN) or an equivalent number.

15.3  Each Vehicle must be clearly identifiable, clean, free of damage and presentable for the Competition.

15.4  Airbag: Any supplemental restraint systems (“SRS”) must be removed. The occupant restraint systems must conform to Appendix A or have OEM restraint belts as a minimum.

15.5  Battery: The battery must be securely mounted and the positive terminal completely insulated to avoid contact with any other metal parts. Batteries may be relocated. If the battery is located in the driver’s compartment, it must in a sealed box bolted to the unibody/chassis with the battery securely fastened inside the box and properly vented and drained.

15.6  Body parts: Any aftermarket parts (i.e. body panels, front and/or rear fascias, side skirts and wings, etc.) installed on the Vehicle shall satisfy these Vehicle Specifications.  Any original equipment manufacturer (“E.M.”) or an O.E.M. replacement of the original make and model must be approved by the Chief Technician.

15.7  Body Work: All bodywork must be painted or covered, securely latched and/or fastened and not loose in any manner. Two (2) bonnet pins, equally spaced across the front of bonnet, are advised.

15.8  Brake: The brake system must operate on all four (4) wheels. Dual master cylinders pedal assemblies are permitted.  Hydraulic fluid lines may not have removable connectors located inside the driver’s compartment and a driver adjustable brake bias is allowed. The use of a secondary brake system is permitted but must be completely separate from the primary system.  Supplemental bracing is permitted.

15.9  Bulkhead: Any modifications of the stock, OEM firewall and transmission tunnel are permitted; provided they are first sanctioned by the Chief Inspector.  These modifications must be made known to the Chief Inspector at the Technical Inspection.  Any holes in the firewall must be of the minimum size for the passage of controls and wires, and must be completely sealed to prevent the passage of fluids or flames from the engine compartment to the cockpit.

15.10  Chassis: The Vehicle chassis, frame must remain unmodified between the wheel centreline, front to rear, but permitting seam welding.

15.11  Doors: The door, quarter and rear window glass must be OEM or clear Lexan with a three millimetre (3mm) minimum thickness.  The outside door latch/lock operating mechanism may be removed or modified. If it is not in the original location, the door must be operable from the exterior and the opening mechanism must be clearly visible and/or marked for access by safety personnel.  Side protection is recommended where OEM doors are not on the Vehicle.  All Vehicles are advised to shall have a minimum of two (2) door bars across each front door opening. The door bars may run parallel, or in the shape of an “X”.  If the two door bars do not intersect as they do when forming an “X”, then a minimum of two vertical tube sections shall connect the upper and lower door bars.  The Vehicles may have a second row of double horizontal door bars that run parallel to the inner bars and extend into the outer door skin, these are also known as “NASCAR-STYLE” bars.  In this configuration, the outer bars must also have a minimum of two (2) vertical tube sections connecting the upper and lower bars. The inner door panel and door internals may be removed.  Each mounting plate shall be at least .080” thick and whenever possible, mounting plates shall extend onto a vertical section of the structure (such as a door pillar).  Any number of tubes may attach to a single plate or to each other.

15.12  Engine: All systems within the engine must be completely free of leaks.  All Vehicles must be equipped with an on-board starter and power supply which must be in working order at all times.  Engine cooling system modifications are permitted but must be fully closed and free of leaks.  If cooling system lines are routed in the driver’s compartment or a trunk area that is open to the driver, they must be separated from the driver by a crushable metal enclosure made up of .036” steel, or .059” aluminium.  The floor of the enclosure must be designed to prevent accumulation of fluids. Cooling systems shall be filled with water only.  A WaterWetter® is permitted.

15.13  Exhaust: Exhaust system modifications are permitted.

15.14  Fire Extinguisher: Vehicles must contain, as a minimum, handheld extinguisher securely fastened in a reachable position from the driving seat;

15.15  Frame: Front cross member and/or front or rear sub-frame Front sub frames may only be modified to directly allow for oil pan / starter clearance and steering rack relocation. The front sub frame must retain intact on at least one major member on one face that spans the entire width of the sub frame, thereby keeping the original dimensions of the sub frame intact.  Rear sub frames may be modified subject to Chief Technician’s approval.  The rear sub frame must retain at least one major member that spans the entire width of the sub frame, thereby keeping the original dimensions of the sub frame intact.

15.16  Fuel: The fuel system design is free.  Fuel cells meeting SFI 28.1 are recommended.  The fuel tank/cell must be separated from the driver’s cockpit by a permanently mounted steel or aluminium bulkhead.  Fuel cells must have a flapper valve installed to prevent spillage in the event of a roll over.  Fuel lines and fittings must be high-pressure type and routed in such a way that do not interfere with moving parts and be securely insulated and attached to the unibody or chassis.  Dry-break fuel-filler attachments may be installed in the rear quarter windows or into the rear windshield or trunk lid to facilitate re-fuelling from outside the Vehicle.  The fuel filler tube between the fuel filler neck and the fuel cell, or tank, must be bulk-headed with .036” steel or .059” aluminium and sealed. There shall be a flexible tube between the fuel filler neck and the fuel cell/tank to allow for misalignment of the tube as the result of an accident as well as a one-way “flapper” valve. Interior:  The interior of the Vehicle must be clean and professional in appearance. All non-essential and/or loose items must be removed. Any removable equipment such as spare tires, tools, bins, etc., shall be removed along with attaching hardware, brackets and covers.

15.17  Lights: It is recommended that all OEM lights and markers must remain in place. Brake lights, tail lights (rain lights), and headlights must function normally.  The use of electrical cut-off switches, or any other device that renders the brake lights inoperative in any way, is strictly prohibited.

15.18  Gauges: The modification of gauges is permitted.

15.19  Mirrors: The interior mirror may be replaced with a multi-plane type mirror, but must not extend beyond the confines of the interior.  Two (2) external, rear-facing mirrors are required, and must be mounted in stock location and must be positioned so that the driver can see objects along both sides of the Vehicle.

15.20  Modifications: Any Vehicle modifications to the engine, transmission, engine control unit (“ECU”) and/or final drive modifications are permitted subject to approval by the Chief Technician.

15.21  Oil Storage Tanks: Oil storage tanks that are not located in the original position must be surrounded by a ten millimetre (10mm) thick crushable structure.  Provided that the oil tank is not located in close proximity to the outer surface of the bodywork, and there is some of the structure of the Vehicle between the oil tank and the bodywork, the Vehicle’s structure will meet the ten millimetre (10mm) crushable structure rule.  If the oil tank is located in the cockpit area, or a trunk area that is open to the driver, it must be with the structure of the roll cage and separated from the driver by a metal enclosure made up of .036” steel, or .059” aluminium.  The floor of the enclosure must be designed to prevent accumulation of fluids.

15.22  Pit to driver communications are permitted. Teams are encouraged to equip their competition cars, staff, and team personnel with two-way radios to facilitate information exchange between the team, driver, spotter, and crew. No team’s radio frequency may interfere with race control, or other racetrack, emergency, or other networks. Teams are not permitted to transmit on any official Competition frequency or channel. Specific technical and/or sourcing details regarding radio equipment and frequencies will be posted at track. Monster Energy is not responsible for any costs incurred by a team or participant as a result of this requirement

15.23  Reverse gear: All Vehicles must be equipped with a functioning reverse gear.

15.24  Roll Cage: Each Vehicle which contains a roll cage which shall be inspected by the Technical Steward before the Competitor may compete within the Competition and must provide for the following:

15.24.1  the forward braces and portions of the main hoop which contact the Competitors shall be padded with non-resilient material;

15.24.2  all roll cages must be based on a single main hoop design of one (1) continuous length of tubing with smooth continuous bends and no evidence of crimping or wall failure. The radius of bends in the roll cage hoop (measured at the centre line of tubing) shall not be less than three (3) times the diameter of the tubing;

15.24.3  the welds shall be continuous around the entire tubular structure of the roll cage and satisfy the following conditions:  the weld shall have no cracks;  thorough fusion shall exist between weld metal and base metal;  all craters shall be filled to the cross section of the weld; and  undercut shall be no more than 0.01 inch deep.

15.24.4  all of the main components of the cage must be made of the same material, size and thickness of tubing;

15.24.5 the material of the roll cage must consist of one of the following:  seamless SAE 1020;  seamless SAE 1025; or  mild steel tubing (DOM);

15.24.6  the main hoop situated behind the driver shall extend the full width of the driver and passenger compartment and shall be as close to the roof of the Vehicle as possible with a maximum of four (4) bends, totalling one hundred and eighty (180) degrees plus ten (10) degrees. The main hoop should start from the floor of the Vehicle, and, in the case of tube frame construction, be attached to the chassis tubes by means of gussets or sheet metal webs with support tubes beneath the joints to distribute the loads. It is recommended that gussets be used;

15.25  The front, side hoops and/or down tubes shall begin at the floor;

15.26  One of the following configurations are permitted:

15.26.1  side hoop configuration where the side hoops are connected directly from the floor of the occupant’s compartment and continue, in one piece, to connect to the main hoop. If the side hoops are used, they are to be connected together by a single horizontal tube across the top of the windscreen;

15.26.2  front hoop configuration where a front hoop is connected to the floor on both sides of the occupant compartment and following the line of the front pillars in one continuous piece may be used. A front hoop must be connected at the top by horizontal bars running back to the main hoop on each side, above the doors.  The front, side or down hoops may extend through the dash pad, including the forward part of the door panel if it is an extension of the dash panel.  It is recommended although not a requirement that one (1) knee bar is positioned in a horizontal plane between forward cage braces in the dash area for all configurations;

15.26.3  the rear hoop supports shall ensure that the main roll hoop shall has two (2) braces extending to the rear attaching to the frame or chassis. Braces shall be attached as near as possible to the top of the main hoop not more than six (6) inches below the top and at an included angle of at least thirty (30) degrees.  No bends are allowed on rear braces.  On Vehicles where the rear window/bulkhead prohibits the installation of rear braces, the main hoop shall be attached to the body by plates welded to the cage and bolted to the stock shoulder harness mounting points; and

15.26.4  bolts in the roll cages are permitted as long as they conform to motorsport use and FIA, MSA, BDC rulings.

15.27  Seats: All Vehicles must contain at least one (1) seat.  Mounting hardware (“Bolts”) used in the mounting of seats or other structural supports shall be SAE Grade 5 or better with a 5/16″ minimum diameter.

15.28  Show Cage: No show cage shall be permitted on any Vehicle.

15.29  Steering Wheel: Any steering wheel except wood rimmed types may be used. Any shift knob may be used.

15.30  Suspension: The Vehicle suspension design must have the basic OEM suspension design type may be freely modified.  The original suspension pick-up points may be moved to within one inch (1”) of the OEM location.  Modified or aftermarket suspension parts modified or aftermarket suspension parts, including hubs, are permitted as long as they meet the Chief Technicians approval.

15.31  Tires: Tires must be clearly marked with a DOT/E-MARK stamp and must be road legal in the country of origin. Tires may not be shaved or modified in any way and they must have at least 2/32nds (1.5MM) of tread depth at the start of any heat.

15.32  Tow: All Vehicles must have a minimum of one (1) front and one (1) rear permanently installed towing apparatus (eye, strap, cable, etc.) with a minimum hole diameter of twenty nine millimetres (29 mm) or one inch (1”).  The apparatus shall be strong enough to withstand the weight of the Vehicle being pulled from non-racing surfaces such as gravel traps, approximately equal to five thousand pounds (5,000lbs).  Tow apparatus must be a unique-purpose device. Using other structures (i.e. a wing, body panel, or wheel) are not allowed.  Tow apparatus must be easily accessible if the Vehicle is stopped in a gravel bed without removal or manipulation of body panels or other bodywork.  Tow apparatus must be painted or the strap material woven in a colour contrasting the body colour.  Tow apparatus must be clearly marked with an arrow or a contrasting colour to the body colour by using paint or by using a decal.

15.33  Window: Window restraints must contain clear O.E.M. glass, or a piece of clear ‘Lexan’ or other polycarbonate material, in place of both front window openings whenever the Vehicle is on-track.

15.34  Windshields: Windshields must be installed and OEM glass or OEM replacement material (i.e. speed glass) and be free of cracks. Non-glass, replacement windshields must be a minimum three to sixteen inch (3/16”) thickness, be adequately mounted, and have supplemental, vertical bracing made of minimum sixteen (16) gauge (.0625”) aluminium and 3/4 inch wide, securely mounted down the centre of the opening, inside the Vehicle.  All Vehicles must have functioning windshield wipers.  All required Competition, Monster Energy and/or other decals or markings must be present in their specified location (see Appendix B).  Competition branded windshield banners is required.  Monster Energy reserves the right to have any decals, marks, or other items removed or covered at their discretion.

15.35  Wheel: Any steering modifications of steering components (steering rack, tie rods, etc.) are permitted.  This includes mounting the steering rack to the front sub frame.




  1. All Participants shall utilise a driver restraint system that conforms to these regulations or shall have a functioning OEM safety belt.
  2. All Participants must utilise either a five-point, or six-point, restraint harness meeting the following specifications at all times during practice, qualifying, and the race.
  1. A five-point system is advised for use in Vehicles where the Participant is seated in an upright position, and consists of a three-inch seat belt, three-inch shoulder straps, or two-inch shoulder straps with three-inch wide professional padding, and a two-inch antisubmarine strap. The single anti-submarine strap shall be attached to the floor structure of the Vehicle similar to the shoulder harness mounting and have a metal-to-metal connection with the single release common to the seat belt and shoulder harness. A six (6) point system may also be used, and is recommended.
  1. The material of all straps shall be nylon, or ‘Dacron’ polyester, and in new or perfect condition. The buckles must be of metal-to-metal quick-release type, except in the case of leg straps of the six-point system, where they attach to the seat belt, or shoulder harness straps.
  1. The shoulder harness shall be the over-the-shoulder type. There must be a single release common to the seat belt and shoulder harness. Only separate shoulder straps are permitted. (Y-type shoulder straps are not allowed.) “H”-type configuration is allowed.
  1. In cases where the occupant is in a semi-reclining position, the shoulder harness shall be attached so that the angle between a line drawn through the driver’s spine and the shoulder harness is 70-degrees or greater.
  1. All straps must be free to run through intermediate loops, or clamps/buckles. If “3-bar” adjusters are used, they shall be placed as close to the mounting points as possible. Straps utilizing a hook with a spring-loaded clip, which attaches to an eyebolt, must use a cotter pin, or safety wire, through the small hole that prevents the clip from opening.
  1. Occupants of open cockpit Vehicles are advised to use arm restraints.
  1. The minimum acceptable bolts used in the mounting of all belts end harnesses are SAE Grade 5. Where possible, seat belt, shoulder harness, and anti-submarine strap(s) should be mounted to the roll structure, or frame of the Vehicle. Where this is not possible, large diameter mounting washers or equivalent should be used to spread the load. Bolting through aluminium floor panels, etc., is not acceptable.
  1. SFI Certification – Harness systems may be certified to SFI spec 16.1, and shall bear the FIA certificate. Harness will be subject to condition rather than to date.
  1. Regardless of the date of manufacture, the safety harness shall be replaced if the webbing is cut/ frayed, if any of the buckles are bent/ cracked, if the Vehicle has been in a severe impact, or at the direction of the Technical Chief. If any of these conditions exist, the Technical Chief shall cut the certification labels off of the harness. The team will then have to return the harness to the manufacturer for recertification.
  1. The shoulder harness shall be mounted as closely behind the seat back as possible, not to exceed twelve-inches (12”). The shoulder harness shall be above a line drawn downward from the shoulder point at an angle of no more than 20-degrees with the horizontal. The shoulder straps shall pass through the seat, without interference, to the attachment points.
  1. The lap belts shall be mounted rearward of the pelvis, between two lines drawn at 45-degrees, and 65-degrees, below the horizontal. The lap belts shall pass through the seat, without interference, to the attachment points.
  1. Two anti-submarine straps/leg straps, as are found in a 6-point harness system, are highly recommended. If used, they shall be mounted in accordance to manufacturer’s specifications. If a single anti-submarine strap is used, it shall be mounted in accordance to manufacturer’s specifications.



  1. All competing Vehicles must carry the following mandatory decals or marks, as well as any other decals as mandated by Monster Energy via supplemental regulations, memos, and other communications.
  2. A Competition branded decal placement sheet depicting appropriate placement and specifications is kept current and is available from Monster Energy (example following):
  • Official ‘GYMKHANA GRID’ number panels must be applied to the leading edges of both the driver and passenger doors. Number panels may not be altered or trimmed in any way without prior consent from Officials.
  • Official ‘GYMKHANA GRID’ logo decals must be placed on the lower, leading edges of the rear three-quarter windows. In the event that the Vehicle has four doors the ‘GYMKHANA GRID’ logo decals must be placed on the lower, leading edges of each ear passenger window. In the event that a Vehicle does not have rear three-quarter windows, the ‘GYMKHANA GRID’ logo decals must be placed on the lower, trailing edge of the driver and passenger side windows so as not to interfere with the driver’s field of vision.
  • One (1) official ‘GYMKHANA GRID’ windshield banner; must be applied to the top edge of the front windshield. Banners may not be altered or trimmed in any wat except at the A pillar. In the event that a Vehicle has an existing windshield banner, the ‘GYMKHANA GRID’ must be placed immediately below the existing banner.
  • one (1) additional decal on windshield as specified;
  • all mandatory contingency decals as appropriate;
  • Participants may also be required to carry event specific sponsor decals or marks; and
  1. All official ‘GYMKHANA GRID’ decals (two number panels, one windshield banner and two (2) ‘GYMKHANA GRID’ logo decals will be supplied by Officials in advance of the event and must remain on the Vehicle for the duration of the event, including all practice, qualifying, heat races and paddock appearances. Failure to do so will result in exclusion from the Competition.


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