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Solberg, Nitišs and Kaczmarski zero in on GRiD

The 2016 FIA World Rallycross Championship may not be finished yet, but reigning World RX Champion Petter Solberg is already looking forward to heading out to Greece for a weekend of tyre slaying alongside fellow rallycross competitor and Monster Energy athlete Ken Block.

Speaking ahead of round 11 of the championship, set to be contested at the technical Estering circuit in norther Germany this weekend, Petter said: “These last two races are about the medals and who gets what colour. The chances of a third straight gold for me are definitely receding now, but we’re still very much in the fight.”

“Outside of rallycross, I’m really excited to be going to my first Gymkhana GriD event in Greece at the end of the month. I think you’ve probably seen that I’m quite fond of smoking some tyres and that’s what the weekend will be about. While I’m there, maybe I’ll try and show my friend Ken Block how to do some donuts!”

He won’t be alone though. Supercar rival Reinis Nitišs and EuroRX hot shoe Martin Kaczmarski will be rolling into Marathon too, ready for a flat-out fight for the European Gauntlet podium. Whatever you do, make sure you check them out in action this weekend in Germany – livestream available here, and then grab your tickets to see the racers and their rides live on the Grecian blacktop on the 29th and 30th October: 

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Reinis Nitišs:

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Martin Kaczmarski:

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