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Meet #thedrako with Dmitriy Illyuk

It’s no secret the Monster Energy tyre Slayer Dmitriy Illyuk shreds harder than most, but last weekend he raised his game to a whole new level.

Round four of the Drift Allstars Championship, in Latvia, marked the first official competition outing of his new ride;  a custom built V8-powered Nissan S14 complete with a Rocket Bunny Charger kit.

“It’s got 1100bhp, which is no joke!” Dmitry told us. “The car is also 250kg heavier than my S13, so the handling and intertia during drifts are a lot different to my old S13. It’s taking some getting used to, but it doesn’t fail to give me a huge smile everytime I drive it.”

One thing is for sure, we can’t wait to see Dmitriy throw down some epic drift lines in his new beast, and would love to see him shred the tread in the Gymkhana GRiD arena! Check out these exclusive photos courtesy of Dan Fegent Photography below:

Illyuk_DriftAllstars_2016_LaitseRallypark_Fegent_0001 Illyuk_DriftAllstars_2016_LaitseRallypark_Fegent_0029 Illyuk_DriftAllstars_2016_LaitseRallypark_Fegent_0030 Illyuk_DriftAllstars_2016_LaitseRallypark_Fegent_0032 Illyuk_DriftAllstars_2016_LaitseRallypark_Fegent_0035 Illyuk_DriftAllstars_2016_LaitseRallypark_Fegent_0036 Illyuk_DriftAllstars_2016_LaitseRallypark_Fegent_0037